Why Momijigari? Our three trips to Japan, what’s next, and who wrote this?

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Why Momijigari?

Momijigari (紅葉狩), from the Japanese momiji (紅葉), “red leaves” or “maple tree” and kari (狩り), “hunting”, is the Japanese tradition of going to visit scenic areas where leaves have turned red in the autumn. (Source: Wikipedia.)

Stephen thought “momijigari2015.wordpress.com” was a snappier URL than “Our-autumn-leaves-viewing-trip-to-Japan-2015.wordpress.com”! Though, admittedly, it is a little harder to remember at first! 🙂

Our Three trips to Japan (so far)

This blog is about our third trip to Japan, the other two having been in March-April 2014 and Easter 2015. That’s three trips in about 20 months!

The first trip was for very special anniversaries (60th birthdays and 40th wedding anniversary) and was, we thought, the “trip if a lifetime!” However, we soon discovered that our Father – you know, the one in heaven, but also with us on earth by His Holy Spirit – had other ideas!

So we followed it up with a second trip, for fact-finding and planning, at Easter 2015. By the end of that trip, we knew He wanted us to return to Japan in September 2016, initially for six months, which we can do on tourist visas.

This, the third trip, was pure holiday! A chance to see some more of the wonderful country that will be our home for six months later this year (2016) and quite possibly beyond.

What’s next?

In September, Stephen will retire from his job at the European Commission and we will both move to Nagoya for six months. We hope to help local churches such as All Nations Fellowship (an international, bilingual, English-Japanese church) and Nagoya Immanuel Church (a Japanese-speaking church, which runs English courses) and would love to be involved in other churches and groups too.

Olwen is a TEFL/TESOL qualified teacher with over 20 years experience (including teaching Japanese ladies in Brussels, where we currently live) and Stephen has recently qualified too.

By the end of the six months, we fully expect to know what our Father has for us next. It’s His dream for us – His call – and we’re excited to be part of it!

Needless to say, we’ll be blogging about it – probably as a real, daily blog this time!

Who wrote this?

As she did for the other two blogs, Olwen wrote the text, so where you see “I” or “me” it refers to her rather than to Stephen.


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